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APRIL 2017
  Monthly Report from your District Governor, Ron Broida

Dear Fellow Rotarians:   

  • Don't Miss The District Conference!:   This year's Conference promises something for everyone and a great experience for all.   Come for the weekend, May 5-7, (your best buy), relax and enjoy Rotary and your Rotarians as you attend interesting, exciting and FUN programs.  Such as: 
  • Golf – The Oak Brook Hills Hotel and Resort (conveniently located for everyone) has an outstanding golf course so all of the golfers among us should take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Club Pride Night – Friday, May 5 is Club Pride Night – every club in the District will "strut their stuff" by displaying to everyone all of the good things that our clubs do for our communities and our country and to    help others across the world.  And at dinner (actually at the bar beforehand) we will start to celebrate Cinco de Mayo; and, our exchange students will be there to serve our special ice cream desserts (man, it does not get any better than this).
  • Okay – Saturday – Well, in the morning we have a full alphabet of programs to help one and all about how to improve themselves as Rotarians and learn about the various offices of the Rotary Clubs, Foundation information and more – and lunch at our plenary session.
  • Stick Around – But wait, there's more!  There are a number of events in the afternoon, including our annual meeting and it's Kentucky Derby time!        Adult beverages for one and all!!
  • And There's Still More – Saturday night is the Foundation Dinner (preceded by a Paul Harris Fellow cocktail party) which will celebrate, in grand style, 100 years of our Rotary Foundation – from $26.50 to over $3 billion.  Wow.
  • And On Sunday – We'll take some time to remember and reflect on those Rotarians who we have lost this past year and then we adjourn to a great brunch and closing ceremonies.
  • Here's The Deal – While the best buy is to come for the weekend, Friday and Saturday are ala carte so you can come for one or come for both.
  • There is no reason on earth why you can't or should not join all of your Rotary friends from our great District at the celebration of Rotary and the good fellowship that we enjoy with each other. Don't delay – jump on the website (Rotary6450) and sign up now – you've been thinking about doing it anyway!
  • District Conference - Full Registration - 5/5/2017
  • District Conference - Ala Carte Registration - 5/5/2017
  • International Convention:  You can still sign up to join and 150 of us who are going to Atlanta – this is a great District turnout and we have already won a prize from our Zone for the best ratio of attendance/District members.  We are not too far behind the leader for most going.
  • Please don't miss this opportunity to attend an outstanding international convention and it is so close and so relatively inexpensive that it is not to be passed up.
  • For those who have already signed up, we are having a pre-Convention cocktail party on Wednesday, April 26 – check it out on the website calendar and sign up and then check out who is going and what is going on. Altanta Convention Gathering - 4/26/2017 There's already 50 signed up.
  • Annual Meeting:  The Annual Meeting of the District will take place during the District Conference on Saturday, May 6, 2017 in the afternoon at the Oak Brook Hills Hotel. Clubs will vote on approving the recommended District Governor Nominee; approving a representative and alternative to the Council on Legislation; and approving the recommended governor nominating committee members for the following Rotary Year.  Budget ratification and other regular business of the District will be conducted at that time.
  • Almost No Polio:  The Polio Eradication Update for March reported globally only four cases of polio thus far –15,600,000 children have been saved from the paralysis of polio since 1988 – Thank you Rotary and thank you Rotarians!
  • And Finally:  Okay, everyone should now be fully registered for the District Conference so here are a few words for those thinking about Atlanta:  As was said on September 3, 1864 by General Sherman to President Lincoln:  "Atlanta is ours, and fairly won."  Let's have at it!
Yours in Rotary Service,
Ronald J. Broida
District Governor 2016-2017



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