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Rotary International District 6450
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APRIL 2018
  Monthly Report from your District Governor, Scott McAdam

Key Events:

Can you believe it, April is here.  We have 3 months left to achieve our goals. I know that I keep reminding you of why this is so important, but maybe a little clarification.  Rotary was founded in 1905, in Chicago.  Yes, we know that we are the birthplace of Rotary and we have had a Rotary club in our district for 113 years.  However, since we are the place where it all started, we should be able to set the standard for others around the world so really, we have a HUGE responsibility.  So far, through today, we have raised 68.27% of our foundation goal.  Now I know some of you wait until the last minute, but in order to make our district goals, we are short about $80,000.00.  I have great confidence that we can accomplish this.  We also have to work on our Polio Plus numbers as we are well short (50%) of our budgeted goal.  Why are these numbers so important?  Because our clubs will get back 25% of the foundation funds in 3 years to do local projects.  Also, another 25% comes back to the district for grants.  A win/win for all.


Membership, membership, membership. The proverbial issue with clubs.  Well, we are down 9 members as a district this year.  We need to make this up and grow this year to stop the down turn.  I know we can do this.  At our spring training on April 21st, we have a membership program that should be very helpful. It is “101 ways to grow your membership”.  Come and drink the Kool Aid and see what benefits you can deliver to your club.  Did I mention that spring training is FREE.  Yes, it is actually FREE.  Just takes a few hours of a Saturday morning so register now.  Remember, to increase your membership, it starts with ASKING SOMEONE TO YOUR CLUB.  Then when you talk about your club to others, tell them how many people you have affected, not just the dollars, but the lives you have changed.  Spring Training - 4/21/2018 - Registration - No Cost


In less than 2 weeks we have the Empowering Leaders program.  This is a very powerful program and one of our speakers is Juliet Riseley, our own Rotary International President’s wife.  We are so blessed to have her among our speakers as well one of our very own Rotarians. Empower Leaders - 4/14/2018 - Registration


Speaking of Ian Riseley, the deadline for the tree initiative is closing quickly.  We have had some clubs step up, be we really need more clubs to step up so we can achieve our goal of at least 1 tree per member in the district.  Now, if you have already done a tree project, please let us know what you did and how many trees you planted or were responsible for.  Did I say how important this information is?  Well, if not, it is very important.  Remember, one thing I have asked and reminded clubs to do is post the hours of community service and the dollars in which you impacted your communities to be posted on My Rotary.  This will ensure that we have great data by the end of this Rotary year. 


District conference is the week-end of May 5.  As I have said in past newsletters, District Conference will be different than in years past.  The format is different and I believe that you will become engaged and your heart will be moved by our speakers and we can see how big of a difference we can make in our communities moving forward.  The flyer is available on the district website so please sign up.   District Annual Conference - 5/5-6/2018 - Registration   At this conference, we will also be presenting the district awards.  We have many awards and the clubs that win an award will receive a special gift from the district. This will be a one of a kind memento that will not be available in the coming years.  As a Rotarian, this will have special meaning.

Join the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy and Rotary International for the final event in a three-part series on discussions around peace and conflict. April 10 - Rotary International Headquarters - Evanston: Pathways To Peace

On June 2, there is the International Peace Conference.  We are fortunate to be able to host this as we were selected by Rotary President Ian Riseley to host this for him.
Peace Conference Registration


With the Rotary year winding down, it is not time to sit back on our laurels or to pat ourselves on our backs for a job well done just yet.  That can come at conference and later.  The new club presidents have just finished their PETS and are charged and engaged and have been inspired by Pedro, our incoming governor.  He and his team are ready for the next Rotary year, but there is much left to this year.  For those of you who want to, or have never been to a governor’s installation, Pedro will be installed as our new governor on Saturday, June 30th at the Union League Club of Chicago. You can register on the District website. A Night of Celebration - Honor the Past, Retool the Future

A Friendship Exchange group from India seeks home stays. Hosts are being sought for June 1-5.  Please contact if you are interested.  India Friendship Exchange


Well I think that is about all I have for you now.  Please know that I am extremely proud of each and every Rotarian for the difference they make in bettering our communities and the world.



Scott McAdam, Governor 6450, 2017-2018


  •  District Conference 2018    May 5 and 6 in Burr Ridge.   Sign up for the conference, bring the whole club out for Club Pride Night Saturday. --Click here for more information and registration -- District Annual Conference: 5/5-6/2018
  • Polio History: “March of Dollars” Some of you may remember the great polio epidemic of the last century, when, at its peak in 1940’s and ‘50’s, paralytic polio killed or crippled more than 1,000 people each day - a half million every year.   A very clever fundraising effort was began in those years called the “March of Dimes”, where appeals went out for people to contribute just one dime to support research, education and treatment of polio.  Over the years, the March of Dimes brought in over a half billion dollars.     The Hinsdale, IL noon Rotary club does a modern version of the March of Dimes - a “March of Dollars”.  At virtually every meeting, a volunteer coordinator (Tom Baley for their club) gives a polio eradication fact and then goes around during the meal with a jar to collect dollars from members.  While not a lot is netted from each meeting, the totals add up - just as the dimes did.  And the club is able to put those dollars collected towards its polio eradication fundraising goal.
  • Polio Fundraiser for your club - Have a polio fact quiz.  Winner gets some prize (Rotary meal pass, bottle of wine, bag of popcorn - you decide and secure the prize).  As District Polio Coordinator, I can attend your meeting with individual copies of a polio quiz for members to provide written answers.  I will then give correct answers, updating members with the latest information in the End Polio Now Campaign.  Estimated time for quiz, answers, and questions from members - 15 minutes.   $5.00 each to participate! (or some charge or donation.)  Questions for me - or sign up for a date and time for the quiz:  Nancy Fleming, District 6450 End Polio Coordinator 630/729-4662
Links to Events
District Events & Calendar

World Health Run - 4/7/2018
Willowhaven 5K Race And Fun Walk - 4/7/2018
Rotary: Pathways To Peace - 4/10/2018
Midnight At The Masquerade - A Benefit For Rotary Chicago Near South - 4/13/2018

Empower Leaders - 4/14/2018
Oak Lawn Healthcare - "Camp I Am Me" Fundraiser - 4/15/2018

Spring Training - 4/21/2018
Chili Cook Off - Chicago Coalition Of Rotary - 4/22/2018
Taste Of Route 66 - 4/24/2018
Chicago Woman Of The Year - Annual Luncheon - 5/22/2018

Presidential Peace Conference - Basic Education And Literacy - 6/2/2018
ROTARY/One Installation - RI President Barry Rassin - 6/5/2018

Rotary International Convention - Toronto - 6/23/2018
Slammers Night For Polio Eradication - 7/20/2018

Rotary Night At The White Sox: Kansas City Royals - 8/1/2018
Festiville - Rotary Club of Naperville - 9/16/2018