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Rotary International District 6450
Rotary Alert
June 2018
  Monthly Report from your District Governor, Scott McAdam

It is June, month 12 of our Rotary year.  I thought I would re-cap some of the past 11 months, talk about some unfinished business and look ahead.  This year, we had so many programs, both social and educational.  In August, we had our annual Sox game and had over 700 participants.  We raised over 5600 for polio from the game alone.  In September, we had a president’s roundtable.  We had over 50 in attendance.  In October, we had RYLA, District training and Chi Zone.  In November, I attended the UN Day in Geneva, Switzerland along with other Rotarians from our district.  I also heard some of the most brilliant speakers I have ever heard in my life.


In January, we had our second president’s roundtable, Pedro went to International Assembly in San Diego for training and RILEE (our iron lung display) was in the process of being completed.  There was also a regional membership seminar for the 3 northern Illinois Districts in Des Plaines.  In early February we had our Central States Rotary Youth Exchange meeting followed by our Grants training seminar.  The Rotary birthday bash downtown at Union Station was also in February.  In March we had PETS.  April had the Empower Leaders program followed closely by Spring training.  Then in May, we had our District Conference.  District conference was an emotional time for me.  The conference committee agreed to shake things up.  I am a believer in shaking things up and wanted to see if we could impact individuals by changing program and format.  Seeing our members engage with the speakers and wanting to be part of the program showed me our change was a success.  But that could not have happened without an amazing committee and your support and attendance.  The committee did all the heavy lifting, I just got the podium. 


This weekend, June 2 is the Peace Conference.  The total attendance is roughly 460 Rotarians and students.  Congratulations to Pat Merryweather, chair. After the peace conference is the International Convention in Toronto as well as Pedro’s Installation on June 30.  You still have time to register for the convention and Pedro’s installation. (See below.)

Congratulations to the Park Forest and Chicago Heights Clubs who have decided to merge.


All of this happened in our district not to mention all the events, fund raisers, installations and meetings of our 61 clubs.  The year is not quite over and we still have time to complete our goals.


When we started our year, we had goals for foundation, polio and membership.  We have reached 83% of our district annual fund goal for the foundation and I am sure that we can reach that goal.  We are only $40,000 short with 1 month to go.  We are really short on our polio goal so please make that Rotary year end contribution.  We have added new members, but let’s keep them this year and add additional members this coming month. 


Have you all kept track of your dollars and hours for posting so RI President Ian Riseley can get the date he has asked us to provide?  Did you all keep track of the trees that we planted for Ian Riseley’s tree initiative?  If not, please report those numbers.  We were able to purchase about 4300 trees for Plant With Purpose with our District matching grant.  Great Job.

The Chicago Southeast Club is sponsoring a friendship exchange to Nigeria.  There's a July 31st deadline for participating, click here for more information: Friendship Exchanges


As I wind down this year, I would like to thank the entire district for their support.  This has been the most rewarding experience of my life.  Being able to watch clubs make monumental changes in people’s lives is inspiring.  I attended many new president installations and several fund raisers from our clubs.  I received in excess of 6166 emails and countless phone calls with our district. Hearing the success stories from clubs helped me to remain focused on the mission, Making a Difference.  Seeing your enthusiasm is infectious.  You have all MADE A DIFFERENCE in the world.  I would like to thank the entire board and committees for their commitment.  I was able to surround myself with awesome people who helped to guide this district through a very good year.  Dave Phelps, our administrator was a huge help to me, thank you.  To my wife and adult children, thanks for the support and to my staff, thanks for covering for me.  I could not have taken the time and done this without each and every one of you along for this ride. 


In just 1 month, Pedro will take over as your Governor.  If you do not know Pedro, get to know him.  His passion for Rotary is incredible.  He is a very steady, strong leader and knowing him as I do, I am positive he will make himself available to work with the clubs to further the cause of Rotary.  I am proud to be turning over the reigns to Pedro.  He will do an awesome job and our district will be stronger because of his leadership.  To debi and Chuck, keep up the good work.  You are not far away from the ranks for being governor.  I applaud you in the decision to take this journey.  It is one you will always cherish.  

Applications are being taken for Assistant Governors, read below about qualifications and the application.


Thank you again, one and all.  Though my term as governor will end soon, I will not be silent or absent.  You all have my number and I will always take your call or try to answer your questions.  As I have said in the past, each stone, no matter how small, will still cause a ripple in the water.  Let’s help Pedro turn those ripples into a tsunami of Rotary service and Making a Difference in the communities in which we live and serve.

More news below....


Yours in Rotary Service, 



Scott McAdam, Governor 6450, 2017-2018


District Governor Installation - Pedro Cevallos-Candau
June 30, 2018
Union League Club of Chicago
Bus transportation available from Lisle and Manteno
Governor Pedro Cevallos-Candau Installation

Seeking Assistant Governors
Assistant Governor Qualifications
If you are interested, please use this link to apply Assistant Governor Candidate Consideration Form
and submit your application no later than June 25, 2018.

How is your club doing on the Presidential Citation, only a few weeks remain.
For some tips, President's Citation Achievement Guide 2017-2018 
Going to Toronto - Rotary International Convention
You're invited to a Reception on Saturday, June 23th
4:45 to 6:45 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel 
The Zone 28 & 29 Party at the Hockey Hall of Fame follows at 7:00.

Play ball!  Have fun!  and End Polio!   

Join other Rotarians to enjoy a night at the White Sox Guaranteed Rate Field ball park August 1, 2018, watching the White Sox take on the Kansas City Royals - Rotary International District 6450 Family Fun Day.  Enjoy a great game and be part of the Rotary parade on the field.


Now is a good time to order tickets online at - select “calendar” - (must register by July 13).  The price of each ticket includes a contribution of about $8 to the End Polio Now campaign that will be credited towards your club’s Polio Plus goal.


If you cannot go yourself, please consider purchasing tickets and donating them to Rotary’s program to host veterans at this game.  Each veteran will receive not only a ticket for a great ball game, but also a voucher for a free meal.  It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition - a win for attendees, a win for polio eradication, and (hopefully) a win for the Sox!

District Conference 2019

Early bird registration open till January 12, 2019. 
Annual District Conference - 4/12/2019 

You may be aware of the variety of Rotary Fellowships (  but take a moment to see what the International Travel & Hosting Fellowship has planned around the Toronto Convention


Each year ITHF plans a tour near the Convention location.  Next year when it is in Hamburg, Germany two tours are planned - one in Germany and one in Russia.  These tours are planned by Rotarians and often include meals and/or home stays.  There is no better way to learn about a country than having the locals show you.  More information will be available soon on the ITHF website so check in here

Links to Events
District Events & Calendar

Rotaract Fund Raiser at the National Mexican Art Museum - 6/2/2018
Little Village Rotary Champagne Brunch - 6/3/2018
ROTARY/One Installation - RI President Barry Rassin - 6/5/2018
Rotary International Convention - Toronto - 6/23/2018

Slammers Night For Polio Eradication - 7/20/2018

Rotary Night At The White Sox: Kansas City Royals - 8/1/2018
Festiville - Rotary Club of Naperville - 9/16/2018